Fluorescence Standards

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Axiphos Plastic Fluorescent Standards

Avian Technologies is happy to announce that it is the sole North American representative for the new Axiphos fluorescent standards. Developed by Dr. Claudio Puebla, formerly of Ciba-Geigy, these standards for CIE whiteness range in whiteness values from appx. 98 to appx. 138 whiteness. The standards have extremely low gloss, are thermally stable, and exhibit high light-fastness.These standards are used as secondary fluorescent standards for instruments measuring whiteness.

The standards are available in a number of configurations, from sets of six to individual standards. The standards are available as 35 mm or 40 mm diameter size and come mounted in a black ABS holder with an anodized aluminum cover.

Please contact Avian Technologies for configurations, standard sets, and prices. These standards are available both uncalibrated (with uncertified approximate whiteness values) and calibrated through our partner Mitaten Finland, who offers bispectral calibrations traceable to both National Research Council Canada and the KCL (Finnish National Paper Laboratory).

Part #


AXIFS-XX-040 Single standard (where XX is the desired whiteness value)
40 mm diameter.
AXIFS-XX-035 Single standard (where XX is the desired whiteness value)
35 mm diameter.
AXIFS-XX,YY,ZZ-NN where XX, YY, ZZ are the desired whiteness values and NN
And NN is the diameter (either 35 or 40 mm)


Price is dependent on number of standards in the array. Whiteness values from appx 98 to 138 are available. Calibrations will be performed on a contract basis.

For an excellent overview of whiteness in color, please view Dr. Claudio Puebla's comprehensive primer on whiteness.

UV-Activated Chromatic Fluorescent Materials

These fluorescent materials are produced with highly stable inorganic fluorescent pigments in a stable thermoplastic resin. The standards are very matte and are available as 2" diameter (51 mm) standards in a Delrin holder with cover. The standards are available in five emission colors: Blue (451 nm emission max.), Green (approx 530 em. max.), Orange (multiple peaks - major at ~590 nm), and Red (multiple emission peaks, primary at 630 and 660 nm). While Avian Technologies no longer offers traceable calibration for these fluors, calibrations for these materials can be obtained from the National Research Council Canada by contacting Dr. Joanne Zwinkels.

The standards are available in eight emission colors: Blue (451 nm emission max.), Blue-Green (485 emission), Green (approx 530 em. max.), Yellow-Green (535 nm emission) Orange (multiple peaks - major at ~590 nm), Red-orange (605 nm emission) and Red (multiple emission peaks, primary at 630 and 660 nm).

The standards below are all 2" diameter thermoplastic in delrin holders. These are available uncalibrated. Please call for pricing information.

Custom sizes and configurations of most of our fluorescent materials are available upon request.

Click on the part number to view the excitation/emission plot.

Part #


FFC-VIO-02u Violet Fluorescent 418nm emission
FFC-02SPU Blue Fluorescent 451 nm emission
FFC-02GOU Blue-Green Fluorescent 485 nm emission
FFC-02GPU Green Fluorescent 510 nm emission
FFC-02HGU Yellow-Green Fluorescent 535 nm emission
FFC-02YSU Orange Fluorescent 590 nm emission
FFC-02YOU Red-Orange Fluorescent 605nm emission
FFC-02HRU Red Fluorescent 660 nm emission
FFC-NIR-02u Near Infrared Fluorescent 1000nm emission

Daylight-Activated Chromatic Fluorescent Materials

These tiles are similar in design and materials to the FTS whiteness standards. They are available in glossy and matte surface preparations, and can be purchased calibrated or uncalibrated.