New Tile Standards Developed

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History of these Tile Sets

Early in 2006 Mt. Baker Research (MBR) began developing new transfer standards produced from commercial monochromatic ceramic tiles. MBR has evaluated the tiles distributed in North America by more than 20 international manufacturers. Avian Technologies supported the project by measuring reflectance factors for the glossy tiles. Dr. Jack Root of MBR performed the background research, analyzed and documented the reflectance factor data, and developed the procedures used to manufacture the standards and currently oversees production.

Overview of Set

We offer three sets of glossy standards from this line: Basic colors, Special Colors, and Gray and Pastel Colors. All boxed sets contain 16 tiles, mounted in Delrin® holders, each having an optical surface of 50mm x 50 mm.

All sets include a booklet with ‘typical’ (8:d) reflectance factor data. Calibration is available, traceable to NRC/NIST, for both hemispherical (8:d) and bidirectional (45:0) geometries. Please contact Avian Technologies for the cost of calibration.

These sets are a less expensive, yet more expansive, alternative to CERAM tile sets, also offered by Avian Technologies. Please contact us to determine which set best meets your needs.

For a complete description of the history and development of these tiles, as well as plots of spectral reflectance data for all three sets, download this PDF.

Set #1 — Basic Colors

The basic colors set parallels the CERAM Series II tiles set with a few changes. Both a white and a black tile are included, as well as a difference blue and a difference yellow pair in place of the CERAM difference green pair. The set contains sixteen tiles: 5 achromatics and 11 chromatics.

Part No. ATBC-16-02-u (uncalibrated)
Part No. ATBC-16-02-c (calibrated)

More information on the Basic Colors Set


Set #2 — Grey Scale and Pastel Colors

The grey scale and pastel colors set extends the range of the basic color set by adding a wide range of grey scale, including a difference 50% grey pair. In addition, the set includes a wide range of pastel tiles, which are based on the more saturated colors in the basic colors set. This set contains 7 achromatic tiles and 9 chromatic tiles.

Part No. ATGP-16-02-u (uncalibrated)
Part No. ATGP-16-02-c (calibrated)

More information on the Grey Scale and Pastel Colors Set


Set #3 — Special Colors

The special colors set offers a wider gamut of saturated colors to enhance the basic colors set. These tiles offer colors that are not normally found in color tile sets, including a deep violet difference pair and a deep brown. This set is especially strong in the purple to violet range. It aims to extend the gamut of the CERAM Series II set.

Part No. ATSC-16-02-u (uncalibrated)
Part No. ATSC-16-02-c (calibrated)

More information on the Special Colors Set