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Long Wavelength Range Wavelength Calibration Standard

As modern portable near-infrared spectrometers are able to measure at longer wavelengths, the need for a wavelength standard that reaches beyond 2000 nm becomes necessary. This new Avian Technologies standard combines NIST 2065 glass (Avian Technologies WCT-2065) and polystyrene, in a package with a Fluorllon™FW99 backing to give a wavelength standard that has useable peaks beyond 2300 nm. The standard size is 1.25” diameter (0.950” active area). Full calibration data, traceable to NIST/NRC is provided with each standard. The standard mounted in a Thorlabs MR1 filter mount with a 2” mounting post.

P/N: WCR-2065/PS-025

The same standard is available in a transmittance format, mounted in a Thorlabs MR1 filter mount with a 2” mounting post. This standard does not have the Fluorilon™ FW99 back plate.

P/N: WCT-2065/PS-025

Reflectance “Mini-Array and Micro-Array” Standards

Many portable spectrophotometers for the Vis-NIR are able to measure a very small area. As large sets of standards may be inconvenient to use or not suitable for field work, Avian Technologies has developed two sets of “micro-arrays” which are very small (60 mm x 30 mm), containing either 8 or 4 standards, in the same reflectance values as the heavily used FSS-08 and FSS-04 grey scale kits.

Our set of 8 standards includes standards of nominally 2%,5%.10%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 99% reflectance. This array is bulk calibrated- larger standards are calibrated and then cut into small parts and assembled as an array. The individual standards are each 1.25 cm x 1.25 cm. Measurement data is provided at 1 and 20 nm increments.

P/N: MNA-FSS08-c

Doug Bevington Joins the Avian Technologies Team


As of May 1, 2012, Doug Bevington of Mono Instruments Canada will join Avian Technologies as a Scientific Technician specializing in instrument support and maintenance for our customers in the United States. Doug’s expertise will enable Avian Technologies to provide additional services in support of our mission. These include:

  • Performance of scheduled preventive maintenance tasks, such as alignment, cleaning of opto-mechanical assembles, to detect and prevent problems.

  • Testing, repair or rebuilding of faulty circuit boards or opto-mechanical assemblies for inventory, using test equipment and software, and applying knowledge of the functional operation of electronic units and systems.

  • Calibration of instrumentation and installed or repaired equipment to prescribed specifications. Maintenance of calibration standards and preparation of written calibration procedures.

  • Support of Avian Technologies’ client base by phone, email or on-site. Evaluation of data and preparation of reports to enhance client applications and methodology of optical materials measurements.

  • Design and manufacture of replacement parts, electronic or mechanical assemblies that are no longer available, such as the Infrared Detector assemblies, to meet requirements, applying knowledge of engineering principles.

  • Training Avian Technologies staff on the maintenance, troubleshooting, repair, alignment, test and calibration of the specific instrumentation for commercial, industrial, medical, military, or scientific applications.

Avian Technologies has been working with Doug for the last decade and is now pleased to formalize our relationship. We are extremely well acquainted with his skills, his education and his work experience. Mr. Bevington has a specialized Bachelor’s diploma in Electronics Engineering Technology from the DeVry Institute in Canada but much more importantly from our perspective, he has 18 years of hands-on employment with Perkin-Elmer where he obtained the unique skills necessary to maintain, repair and service Perkin-Elmer spectrophotometers. Combined with these specialized skills, Mr. Bevington has undergone intensive and specialized training in Japan for the maintenance and servicing the Murakami Color Research Laboratory product line.

Spotlight: Capabilities

Problems with your Perkin-Elmer UV-Vis-NIR? Is the instrument out of warranty or no longer supported by P-E? Is the cost of a service contract too rich for your budget? We may have the solution! Doug Bevington, our service/support manager, has over 30 years of experience servicing Perkin-Elmer UV-Vis-NIR instruments. (read more)


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